Find cute, beautiful and inspirational quotes about pregnancy for women. These pregnancy quotes include funny pregnancy announcement quotes, and congratulations on pregnancy quotes.

Quotes About Pregnancy:

Every morning when you wake up, caress your belly, that which is now the place where your baby is staying and tell him that you love him. Tell him that you are sure he is healthy, that he is well and that you are preparing everything to receive him in a nice and full of love place pregnancyquotes.

Best Pregnancy Quotes and Phrases:

Here are some phrases that can serve as a guide to start practicing. Surely with time you can incorporate what you want and you come out naturally:

  • My pregnancy is a high-security pregnancy
  • My pregnancy is a blessing
  • Our baby is perfectly healthy
  • I prepare myself with joy to receive my baby in perfect harmony
  • I put the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth in the hands of the universe
  • My body adapts easily to changes in pregnancy
  • My skin stretches with total elasticity during pregnancy, thus preserving all its beauty
  • All my nights are placid and harmonious
  • My body recovers easily after childbirth
  • Our baby is a blessing
  • My birth is a blessing
  • My uterus is a safe place
  • I open myself to receive all the love that flows towards me for my motherhood
  • I am happy to nurture and protect my baby
  • My baby loves me unconditionally
  • I love my baby unconditionally
  • I am a wonderful mother to my baby
  • I am blessed to bring a new life to this world

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