Beautiful Messages For Pregnant Women – Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Beautiful Messages For Pregnant Women – Pregnancy Announcement Quotes:

Find best, cute and beautiful messages for pregnant women. Discover quotes about pregnancy, pregnancy announcement quotes, and funny pregnancy announcement quotes.

Beautiful Messages For Pregnant Women:

* In a few months, you will be MOTHER, I am VERY HAPPY for YOU. I warmly wish you to be very HAPPY in this new STAGE of your LIFE. Take care, my friend ?

* Feeling GORDA lasts 9 months. The HAPPINESS of being a MOTHER lasts a lifetime. I wish you a beautiful PREGNANCY. Enjoy it.

* I wish you a happy and calm PREGNANCY to YOU and the BABY. CONGRATULATIONS on PREGNANCY.

Many congratulations SISTER, you do not know the illusion that makes me UNCLE ?

You will give life to a new being and that is the greatest act of LOVE that exists. I congratulate you for your PREGNANCY and I wish you good luck in the role of MOTHER.In a few months, you will have in your arms a cute BABY that will steal your HEART for life. I wish you good luck and a very peaceful PREGNANCY. Congratulations my friend.

* PREGNANCY is the fruit of LOVE that you feel for each other, that’s why your BABY will be a BLESSING for your home. My most sincere congratulations.How beautiful to know that you are going to be a MOM. I wish you the best of the PREGNANCY, and you know FRIEND, for what you need you can always count on me. Congratulations!!9 months are flying by, you almost have your BABY in your arms. I’m excited … you’re going to be MOM !! Congratulations.

Undoubtedly one of the moments in the life of a parent is when they discover they are pregnant, for that special moment we have prepared all these phrases for future parents.

We hope you like them and that they can help you with your congratulations.