Congratulations On Pregnancy Quotes – Best Pregnancy Phrases:

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Congratulations On Pregnancy Quotes – Best Pregnancy Phrases:

The most precious thing in this world for a woman is to be pregnant. We provide nice words to tell that future mom how happy for pregnancy.

Choose the pregnancy congratulations that you like and adapt them as you want, our phrases for pregnant women only pretend to be a small guide, but the ideal is that what you say is something that comes from your heart.

Congratulations On Pregnancy Quotes and Phrases:

  • Many CONGRATULATIONS dear FRIEND !! I am VERY HAPPY for your PREGNANCY and I want you to go GREAT ?
  • Many CONGRATULATIONS future MOM. May GOD bless you with a HEALTHY BABY and full of his GRACE.
  • What beautiful news … they are going to be PAPÁS! I wish you the greatest of the BLESSINGS at 3, may God care for you and guide you always.
  • Many CONGRATULATIONS to future DADS !! I wish a lot of HEALTH to the future MOTHER and the BABY, and a lot of PATIENCE for the future FATHER;)
  • Giving life to a NEW BEING is the greatest act of LOVE that exists. I congratulate you on the PREGNANCY and I wish you a lot of HEALTH, LUCK, and HAPPINESS.
  • The largest direct GIFT of HEAVEN already rests in your BARRIGUITA. Congratulations on the PREGNANCY!

Pregnancy Congratulations Quotes For mothers and fathers:

  • My HEART jumped from JOY to know your PREGNANCY. I hope it is a very calm pregnancy, sure that it will be a beautiful baby like the DADS. Congratulations on your PREGNANCY.
  • Enjoy the MIRACLE of giving LIFE to a being that you will enjoy the rest of your life. Many CONGRATULATIONS on your PREGNANCY.
  • I wish that GOD BLESSES his PREGNANCY, and protects the MOM and the BABY from all evil. My most sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the future DADS.
  • A cute BABY already grows inside you, and very soon will turn them into PARENTS. I wish PREGNANCY to be very calm, and that your new stage as PARENTS be full of HAPPINESS and LOVE.
  • An ANGELITO is about to BORN, it is a time of JOY and HAPPINESS, for sure you will be a GREAT MOM.
  • For 9 months you will carry your HIJ @ inside and feel that your LIVES are UNITED for ALWAYS. Many CONGRATULATIONS on your PREGNANCY.
  • It has been a great JOY to know that you are PREGNANT, I wish that the PREGNANCY is going very well and that your BABY grows as HEALTHY and CUTE as the MOM.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to the FUTURE MOM. May God give you a HEALTHY BABY and full of his GRACE.
  • Each BABY brings to this world a great BLESSING. Many CONGRATULATIONS on your PREGNANCY.

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