The pregnancy period is one of the most special and exciting time in a woman ‘s life stages, and being a mom is a feeling that can only be understood in its fullness if experienced. Here we pick up some of the pregnancy phrases and phrases of most beautiful moms.

Pregnancy changes the whole life of all women. Pregnancy is the time when we have the privilege of carrying our children and protecting them from everything. That era in which we stopped living for ourselves and we do it exclusively for them. That wonderful moment of pregnancy also has its sentences here pregnancy quotes.

If you are pregnant then you are carrying in your lap a small fetus that is developing inside you. Pregnant women take care of their health. This is good for both mother and the baby. If you expect a child then you may love these quotes about pregnancy, cute pregnancy announcement quotes or funny pregnancy quotes.

Cute Pregnancy Quotes:

* “I have a theory. If a girl does it in a safe car, she gets pregnant.”

* “The most beautiful curves of women are not always those of the hips.”

* “Your baby: you have it in your belly 9 months, in your arms 3 years and in your heart all your life.”

* “I believe in love at first sight: I am a mother.”

* “Being a mom is not measured by what you leave behind when having a baby, but by what you gain by doing it.”

* “Childbirth is the only blind date in which you can be sure that you will know the love of your life.”

* My body is amazing because at some point it had 2 heads, 4 hands, 4 legs and 2 different hearts beating. I’m a mom!”

* “Once you are a mom, you are a mom forever.”

* “Pregnant, possessing the most beautiful gift: give life.”

* “Giving birth is the only pain in life that is worth suffering.”

* “A baby is someone you carry for nine months inside you, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day of your death.” Mary Mason

* “Making the decision to have a baby is transcendental: it means deciding that from that moment your heart will also begin to walk outside of your body.”

* “Pregnancy is a type of miracles.” Robert Anton Wilson

* “Life is a flame that is always burning, but it lights once more every time a child is born.” George Bernard Shaw

* “The symbiotic union has a biological pattern in the relationship between the pregnant women and the fetus. They are two and, nevertheless, only one. They live together, they need each other.”

* ” -I want to be a mother.
– But, that’s impossible. You are a man, you do not have a matrix.
– Do not oppress me!
– Okay, we will also fight to defend your legitimate right to want to be a mother even if it is physically impossible.
– What is the point of defending your right to be a mother if you can not give birth?
– It is a symbol of our struggle against oppression.
– It’s a symbol of your fight against reality.”

Best Pregnancy Quotes:

* “In a certain sense, the mystery of the incarnation is repeated in each woman; Every child that is born is a god who becomes a man.”

* “- You have a parasite
– Do I have the lonely one?
– No, he has one of those parasites that come out at nine months old. Normally women get attached to them, buy clothes, take them for a walk and clean their asses.”

* “- Well listen, we will have a son.
– What?
– Yes, a son.
– They’re not married, are not you supposed to be married to have a baby?
– You do not have to be.
– But, they should because they love each other, and the people they love, get married and have babies.”

* “You will see my body become the cradle so that the son of your dreams can be born.” LAURA VICTORIA

* “The certainty of her daughter growing inside her had meant in her life the balm of calm and serenity that she had always imagined and that at that moment had been the only thing that could help her to face the terrible events that she had to live.” DOLORES ROUND

* “I just can not. I’m pregnant. From six years ago.”

* “- Marge, do you want to marry me?
– Why? I’m pregnant?”

* “Have you seen her? The love of my life and it carries a Povedilla in its entrails!”

Inspirational Pregnancy Quotes:

* “-What does an aristocratic family do when one of their daughters gets pregnant? It happens many times, you know? -I suppose so, but I do not know how they act. Those things are never explained. -Exactly. The girl disappears a few months, she goes to Scotland, to Brittany or Geneva, with her maid. When the two return from the trip, the maid brings with her a little one who, she says, gave birth during the holidays. The family treats her with surprising kindness, even though she admitted to having fornicated, and sends her to live at a safe distance, with a small pension.” KEN FOLLETT

* “- Would you like to have children?
– You know how they have? ”

* “We are going to have a child, not now, not here in the restaurant, now we are discussing, but we will have it.”

* “- We are pregnant …
– Hey! We’re pregnant! When it happened?
– When were you on top of me?
– Or when you were on top of me.”

* “Does your ex-boyfriend look like her husband? Well have the boy, they will not know. Happens in the best families, dear. Why not in yours? “

* “Do you want to know what I like about you …? That you rejected me, that you are delicate, that you are scared, that you are handsome, that you are outside, that you provoke me tenderness, that you excite me, that you are as trapped as I … Jorge, I am pregnant.”

* “Do not do it, I need work, I support my younger sister, I, I, I am, I’m pregnant. Yes, very pregnant.”

* “Did you get anything, besides a possible pregnancy?” WOODY ALLEN

* “She will end up pregnant or with a broken heart.” JOAN ALLEN

* “Blessed be the evil, which at nine months has to be removed.”

* “For your wife to start, you must not look for another.”

* “Two become three, easy is.”

* “From a lot of teaching, comes to embark.”

* “If you listen to love, pregnancy is safe.”

* “Hugging and kissing, it’s just following, but the sowing is near.”

Pregnancy Quotes For Women:

* “Abrazos do not make children, but they are preparations.”

* “Kisses and hugs do not make kids, but they play at vespers.”

* “Whether your pregnancy was planned meticulously, whether the doctor convinced you, or what happened by surprise, one thing is certain; your life will never be the same.” Catherine Jones

* “Think of pregnancy streaks as service marks.” Joyce Armor

* “Enjoy the miracle of giving life to a being that you will love the rest of your life.”

* “A great adventure is about to begin.

I did not know how babies were made until I was pregnant with my fourth child.” Loretta Lynn

* “Making the decision to have a child is transcendental. It is about deciding that your heart will always walk outside of your body.” Elisabeth Stone

* “Whether your pregnancy was planned meticulously, that the doctor convinced you, or that it happened by surprise, one thing is certain; your life will never be the same.” Catherine Jones

* “The joy of a mother begins when a new life is stirred inside her, when you listen to her heart for the first time, and when a playful kick reminds you that you are no longer alone.”

Good Words to Dedicate a Pregnant Woman: Cute Pregnancy Quotes

Seeing a pregnant woman is something very natural that always creates a great expectation among friends and family because expecting a child is a reason for joy but also of concern for both the care that is required and because we do not know if we are sufficiently prepared to be good parents.

If you know someone who is going through this beautiful stage of their life, we invite you to read the following sentences and dedicate some sweet words to support them in this unique aspect of their lives.

* “Within a few months, you will give birth to another life that grows daily inside your bowels. The future of that little person is in your hands.”

* “There is no feeling more beautiful than feeling inside you your baby who stretches his legs and gives you from time to time some kicks”.

* “Even if you only feel it and still can not see it, do not stop talking to your baby. Do not wait until it is born to show you all your love.”

* “Since you have your son inside you are developing your love as Mother, every change within you will be a great emotion that will fill you with happiness”

* “The cord that holds them together will never be broken because you will be linked to your son for life.”

* “For now you will be a very beautiful woman, but when you become a Mother you will be much more beautiful”.

* “Relax and take a deep breath. All the pain you feel at this moment will be rewarded when you have your son in your arms.”

* “When your baby is born, you will have mixed feelings, because you will miss not having more in your belly but you will be happy to have it in your arms”.

* “That little point that you see in your ultrasound, is that wonderful being that you have conceived within you”.

* “Do not worry from now on how you are going to raise your child, your maternal instinct will teach you to be a good Mother”.

* “During the time you have your baby in your belly will be connected to you by the navel, when it is born will be on your hand”.

* “The only love that is at first sight for every woman, is born from the moment she sees her son for the first time”.

* “Your baby knows that you love him from the moment he was conceived because he was made with a lot of love”.

* “It is a miracle of nature to be able to create life within you, feel blessed because not all women have the same luck”.

* “When you hold it in your arms and want to calm its teas, put it on your chest and you will see how your heartbeat will calm down”.

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